Welcome to FDW Accounts.

FDW Accounts is an application designed to transition user accounts for the Financial Data Warehouse (FDW) system to a newer front end, and also aide in maintaining user accounts and your access to the Financial Data Warehouse.
This is the second stage of FDW Accounts - mananging accounts by Security Coordinators. SCS has retired the old data warehouse servers and moved the application to new servers. Accounts are still tied to Advantage (especially for rights), but Security Coordinators must create accounts for users. If you are a FDW User needing an account, please contact your campus Security Coordinator and have them add one for you (see Help).
This application was originally developed by System Computing Services; Since it deals with account information, if you have phishing/hack concerns about the validity of this front end, please feel free to contact your institution's Security Coordinator or the SCS Service Desk with a phone call, email, or support ticket.